Music by Kate McDonnell
Words by Kate McDonnell and Anne Lindley
Schnabb Music ©2003

From the Appleseed Recording Where the Mangoes Are

When evening comes, I hurry home, close and lock the door
I'm tired of our boy king who likes to play at war
He drops his toys upon the floor before he goes to bed
The papers say "mistakes were made" and villagers are dead

Jesus caught the souls of men and he loved them every one
He said to love our neighbor and mercy would be done
How can I love the guy next door, I don't even know his name
Jesus loved the whole wide world and said go do the same

Oh Mercy

My neighbor's getting older and I help take out her trash
When New York needed all of us I sent a little cash
"Love other people like yourself," the preacher says we must
To hear the news you'd think there were no people here but us

They offer us a package deal to sell us the attack
We save the world, we get revenge, bring all our soldiers back
It's war as news product wrapped up in cellophane
They tell us guns are butter and this war is humane

Oh Mercy, Oh Mercy

Now I'm confused because they show people just like me
Do we have to kill them all to make their country free
Axis of evil, hell its just a daily life
Of people pinned to the wall by a crazy man's knife

So who is my neighbor that I'm supposed to love
My neighborhood gets smaller as Bush comes to shove
I'll start by crossing off the map some people overseas
Til they and you and you and you are all my enemies

Oh Mercy, Oh Mercy