Music by Kate McDonnell
Words by Anne Lindley and Kate McDonnell
Schnabb Music©2004

From the Appleseed Recording Where the Mangoes Are

We had a date, I had Mom's car
You made me let you take the wheel
We drove down to the Savage River
You said, "That river's how I feel."

It was too cold to gaze at stars
But you held me in your glow
I said my father would not like this
You said he doesn't have to know

Chorus: Mayday, mayday, Oh I'm falling hard
Mayday, mayday, Oh I've gone too far
I'm falling hard

If you take me like a river
Then what will be left of me
Will I slip and lose my footing
And be washed out to the sea

Mayday, mayday, falling from the sky
Mayday, mayday, never felt so alive
I'm riding high

Now I look back on that January
And how we melted the winter freeze
And though we did not last forever
You gave that Savage River to me

Mayday, mayday, I landed on my feet
Mayday, mayday, this is where I want to be
This is where I want to be