Hey Joe

Words by Kate McDonnell and Anne Lindley
Music by Kate McDonnell
Schnabb Music © 2002

From the Appleseed Recording Where the Mangoes Are

Hey Joe
Don't the wind feel good when you stick your neck out
Hey Joe
Hey Joe
You gun your Harley but the storm clouds follow
All your way back home

Miles and miles and miles of going nowhere
Have led you to our door
We're all you got when you burn down all your bridges
Like so many times before
Hey Joe, ain't that what family is for, uh huh

Hey Joe
You sewed your wild oats while we just plowed the field
The straight and narrow field
Hey Joe
Now the sun's gone down, you're running out of time
Well I can give you mine

...And I ask myself what do we do it for, uh huh

Hey Joe, I know a piece of land that you can live on
Hey Joe
And hey Joe, I'll help you build that house you've always dreamed of
And do up second-hand

Hey Joe
I had a dream that you were dying
An angel at your feet
You turned your head
And said death is a jealous lover
She'll leave you bleeding in the street

Hey Joe, Hey Joe, Hey Joe