Go Down Moses

Words by Kate McDonnell and Anne Lindley
Music by Kate McDonnell
Schnabb Music© 2000

From the Appleseed Recording Where the Mangoes Are

I got my bread, and I got my walking shoes
And I'm leaving this forsaken place and going down with you
I won't take no orders, or fight someone else's fights
And I won't haul your bricks and straw day and night
'Cause I'm going down

Go down Moses, won't you take me down
I thought of it, I thought of it a thousand times
And go part the waters, so I can walk through
I thought of it, I thought of it a thousand times
But I didn't have you

I told so many lies, when I went to pray
With words they put into my mouth I'd never say
Why did I carry the water and the wine
To bring life into some desert that was never mine
But I'm going down

Go down Moses...

I woke to sunlight reflecting on my floor
I heard children laugh what used to sound like noise before
And any happy melody I tried so hard to ignore
Didn't get it 'til I followed through that open door
And you walked me through onto this milk and honey shore

Go Down Moses....

...but I didn't have you, to see me through