Fires (a torch song)

words by Anne Lindley and Kate McDonnell
music by Kate McDonnell
Schnabb Music © 2003

From the Appleseed Recording Where the Mangoes Are

Fires burn in Colorado
And in Arizona, too
They're moving out the cattle
And closing 402

I look outside my hotel window
Smoke fills up half the sky
I can't make it to Durango
They won't even let me try

So I call United
And say I've got to get back home
My true love's there waiting
Oh I left him so alone
The fires are growing nearer
All the frightened birds have flown
The only road that's open
Is the one that leads back home

Do you remember that night
When you told me that you were wrong
You thought that love's sweet fire
Was enough to keep us strong
But all the other fires
From all of those surrounding towns
Closing in all around us
And burn us to the ground

The fires of old lovers
The burn of losing friends
You think you put one out
Oh, it flares back again

But I'm still stuck in Denver
I hear Quebec is burning, too
So many fires burning
Between me and you

But the fires can't stop me
No the fires can't stop me
No the fires won't stop me
From coming home to you

I'm flying home tonight
I'm flying home without a doubt
Love makes us walk through flames
Love helps us put them out

And God I hope you'll be there waiting
Oh, I pray that you will still be there
Cuz I've walked through fire to get here
And I've let down all my hair